About BNG

Brave New Girls is a brand that inspires girls to find strength in their unity and power in their individuality.

There’s a Brave New Girl in every girl.


Brave New Girls is a community, a cause, and a brand that challenges girls to find strength in their unity and power in their individuality. 

Since I met astronaut, Cady Coleman, the original Brave New Girl, I’ve come to look for other Brave New Girls and what they have in common.  What I found is that they are brave, of course, but brave in the sense that they “go for it.”   They dare to pursue their dreams and their happiness.   They realize happiness comes from within, and that regardless of the circumstances, they are the mistresses of their destinies.

It’s pretty obvious that being an astronaut takes courage.  Sitting on a rocket that launches you off the planet on a rocket fueled by liquid nitrogen and liquid hydrogen is pretty scary, but for Cady, the payoff outweighs the fear.  That’s what it means to be brave; pursuing your dream despite the fear factor.   And your dream, by the way, does not have to be dangerous for it to be worthy.

That’s my definition of a Brave New Girl, and my mission is to help girls and women seek and find the BNG in each of them, one song at a time.  Brave New Girls conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and challenge doubts.  They are also thrilled to be themselves.

There is no better person on this earth at being Cady than Cady, at being me than me, at being you than you.  I wrote a song Called It’s Cool To Be You, It’s Cool To Be Me to celebrate that truth.

For a long time we’ve been given the bad rap that girls are competitive with each other and they can’t be trusted.  Well, I disagree.  I actually think a case could be made that that was propaganda, to possibly keep us down. If we actually embraced, enriched, and uplifted our fellow girlfriends, we would rule the world.  I’m not talking about uplifting “Mean Girls.” I’m talking about girls like us; Girls who want to make a difference in the world, girls who want to play hard, but work hard, too; girls who celebrate the successes of our girlfriends.

Cady, may be the Original, quintessential Brave New Girl, but she helped me find the Brave New Girl in me!   I hope my music inspires you to find the BNG in you One Song At A Time.  When you find her, unleash her.  I promise she will make the world a much cooler place.

Much love,